Need a snake gone fast? Call 0413 511 335 Need a snake gone fast? Call 0413 511 335 Need a snake gone fast? Call 0413 511 335

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30 Years in Operation

Snake Aways has been servicing the Adelaide & Greater Adelaide community since 1989. We specialize in the removal of unwanted native fauna.


Fast & Ethical

Our team prides ourselves on providing a prompt and friendly service & response time in the removal of any unwelcome fauna to a property or business.


Friendly & Helpful

Help is what we at Snake Aways are here for, whether it be over the phone advice on a matter or response to a call out to remove an animal.


Fully Trained & Certified

All our contractors at Snake Aways are appropriately licenced through Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources and are accredited multiple in snake handling courses.

Snakes & All Unwanted Reptile Removal

Originally Snake Away Services, Now Snake Aways. We are a small team of professional snake catchers servicing the Adelaide & Greater Adelaide community. Our services cover residential to commercial snake removal, snake awareness talks for schools, councils & business and fauna clearing for government projects. We pride ourselves on the work we do and are extremely passionate about keeping animals and humans safe.

Owners Tom Dunning and Brittany Buck are both experienced and well-trained professionals, who wish to continue growing the business and servicing the community of Adelaide for many years to come. Our prompt and friendly service is always ready and available to whoever may need us in a scaly situation.

Professionally Trained Snake Catchers

  • What's The Process

    Find out what it takes to effectively remove or relocate a wild snake.

  • What to do on Sighting

    We show you the safest practices on how to protect yourself when encountering a wild snake.

  • Know what you're looking at

    Here we have a guide to help you quickly determine what species of snake you have encountered.

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3 years ago
Photos from Snake Aways's post

How's the size of this stunning Lace Monitor photoed by one of our catchers who is currently touring up the east coast of Australia.

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