Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Snakes Are More Dangerous?

Venom wise they are just as potent as an adult snake.

The only reason a juvenile snake could show a higher risk of danger is because of how defensive they can be. When most things in life are larger than you when you hatch or are born a lot of things are larger than you and there fore pose a threat. All elapids carry venom from the day they hatch or are born so regardless of the size or species the snake should be treated as potentially dangerous to an untrained person and left well alone.

If We Have Large Skinks In Our Yard We Won’t Get Snakes?

Myth Myth Myth.

Snakes are opportunistic hunters so if a snake is large enough they will comfortably restrain and eat a Blue Tongue or Shingleback lizard. To the snake lizards are just another food source and as babies their diet comprises of a lot of small skinks and geckos. As the snake gets bigger so does their food source.

Cold & Slimy?

Reptiles are Ectotherms, Ectotherms meaning their body temperature is relative to their surrounding environment. Body temperatures can be helped by basking in the sun when cool or seeking shade when the body begins to overheat. As for slimy, snakes are more often a smooth dry feeling animal but just after shed can have a slight oiliness due to the oils produced to help separate the old skin from the new. There are some species of snakes that have keeled scales and can give a somewhat of a grainy roughness when held.

If There Are Babies Where Is Mum?

Snakes are not maternal animals. Some species of snakes lay eggs as others are live bearers, once hatched or born the baby snakes are on their own while mum is back off to hunting and day to day snake business. The baby snakes may stay around the same area for a number of days before dispersing in the search of food and their own territories.

The Snake Was Aggressive!

A defensive snake is usually misinterpreted as an aggressive snake. Snakes are not aggressive by nature & usually prefer to flee any confrontation possible. They are a flight animal more than a fight, but when threatened or cornered they get defensive & will strike if need be to warn of the attacker.

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