What to do if Bitten

Snake Bite Action Plan

1. Call 000 immediately

2. Start FIRST-AID Immediately

a) Locate bite sight and begin to apply crepe bandage. Trying to keep movement to a minimum. If the bite is to the chest, head or neck regions, apply firm pressure to the bite area. DO NOT restrict chest movement as breathing will be affected.

b) Apply a pressure bandage:

  • Firm heavy crepe or elasticated roller bandage.
  • Start just above the fingers or toes of the bitten limb, and move upwards on the limb towards the torso until bite site and limb is completely covered.
  • Apply a firm bandage without stopping blood supply to the limb (ask bite victim if the bandage is feeling too tight as you work your way up to the limb. You can also check the circulation of blood by pressing down on a toe/finger nail until it turns pale then releasing. If the colour does not return straight away the bandage may be too tight)

c) Splint or use a sling on the bitten limb to help restrict any movement.

d) Write down bite information if possible:

  • Time of bite
  • Time of bandaging
  • Details of snake (species, size, colouration)

e) Maintain a still position while keeping an eye on heart rate and circulation of blood flow to fingers/toes of the bandaged limb. Try to stay calm and relaxed as possible until medical assistance arrives.

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